Cyber Deterence post Response

please respond to the following post based on the attached material.

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Responses should be a minimum of 250 words and include direct questions. You may / should challenge, support or supplement the post


Fantastic analysis of this weeks forum topic. I agree with moultiple points you made. The funding aspect has been one of the biggest barriers to the cyber community in general both in and out of the government in the US. The US is behind the 8-ball in a big way when it comes to the funding for cyber personnel, technology, infrastructure, knowledge and implementation. I also agreed with you on the policy theory and implementation differ dramatically. I think that is largely due to the fact that the technology and avenues of attack change so rapidly and the growing reliance on cyber based systems becomes more widespread. The last part that you mentioned, the training and knowledge for users to identify and act when an attack is recieved and percieved is another big area of deterrence. Most of the US military lives in cyberspace, from logistics to intelligence, it is a collaberative effort of information and communication that allows operations to take place and be excuted. However, users that are not within the Comm or Cyber career fields are given minimal training on how to identify cyber threats and attacks. This brings with it an added layer of vulnerability – an uninformed userbase. I think alot of problems that face the united states in terms of cyber threats and attacks can be mitigated by informing the user base of the knowledge needed in order to be better protected. Do you agree? let me know.

– Eric