Critiquing a Collaborative Case Study, business and finance homework help

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Critiquing a Collaborative Case Study

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Before beginning, review the Critiquing a Collaborative Case Study Scoring Guide.

In the Quelch and Laidler case studies, the authors present several case studies of non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Choose one of the following to serve as the focus of your assignment.

  • Amnesty International.

Your Assignment

You are a senior manager responsible for leading organizational changes. As part of your job, you will prepare a memorandum critiquing your organization. Your critique must address the following questions:

  1. What are the theories and principles of negotiation suitable for the organization in its relation to collaborators and competitors?
  2. Which theories and models of governance has the organization implemented, and how appropriate are they to the mission of the organization?
  3. Organizations use communication to assist the process of branding. Which methods of communication are employed, and what is your estimate of the success of those methods in terms of branding?
  4. How well has the organization defined its service population, and has it successfully integrated that service population in regards to fulfilling its mission?
  5. What are your recommendations for organizational changes based on your critique?

Write a 2,000-word analysis and critique of your chosen case. In addition, create a list of references cited using APA standards.