​Critical Thinking: constructing a sound argument

Critical Thinking: constructing a sound argument

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In 4 pages, discuss the formal construction of an effective argument and then present your argument on : the impact of technology on education in America.

Here are some suggest questions to consider for your paper:

1. why did you choose this topic?

2. what is the impact on society of your topic, either social or economic or both ?

3. what is your position/ perspective on your chosen topic and what is the counter position?

4. how did doing this exercise in critical thinking impact how you think about the topic you choose to discuss?

5. Discuss what you learned about yourself that you didn’t know prior to completing this exercise, and how this new found insight will support your future development?

* component:

4 pages with out the references pag and the cover, 3 references at least, APA style.


1. Typed and double spaced.

2. Cover pages: title,

3. Pages need to be numbered.

4. References page.