Critical Thinking 4 – Health Law and Ethics

Assignment Choice #1: Article Review and Evaluation

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Utilizing the CSU-Global Library, locate and read three scholarly peer-reviewed articles on standards and regulation for healthcare administrators such as medical privacy, HIPAA, HITECH, MMA, medical staff credentialing and privileges. Write a 3-4-page paper providing a brief summary of the key points in each article from a legal and ethical perspective, then compare and contrast the findings and recommendations from the perspective of a healthcare administrator or chief of medical staff.

Your paper should meet the following requirements:

Be 3-4 pages in length, not including the cover or reference pages.

Be formatted according to APA Formatting and Requirements

Provide full APA citations for articles under review.

Utilize headings to organize the content in your work.

APA Writing Format!

Need’s a title page
Font – Use a 12-point Times
New Roman!
Spacing – Double space all
text including the reference list and block quotes on all Assignments.
All margins should be set to
1″ on each side of the paper.
Page numbers go in the upper
right corner in the header.

1 Running head: YOUR TITLE IN

Page 2…

The running head goes in the upper left
corner and is in all capital letters. The words “Running head:”
appear only on the cover page.
No Blue and underling in
references (Remove the hyperlink)
References should be on a
separate page

********Always good to
break up your paper with subheadings