Read the powerpoint (use terms from it in your answer)

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Choose 1(one) question:

  1. Discuss why some people become burglars while others do not. What would need to happen in the United States to make law-abiding behaviors more attractive than criminal behaviors? Think back to your previous chapters and the question of what causes crime.
  2. A woman who applies for a restraining order against her abusive husband, boyfriend, or a stalker generally has to reveal her home address. The purpose is to allow the court to order the offender to stay away from the woman’s home, as required by the restraining order. What problems might arise with this requirement? If you had a stalker, and you were fairly certain that he didn’t know your home address, would you file for a restraining order? Explain your answer
  3. From your readings or outside readings or studies, explain Freud’s theory in depth using the example of a robber. Ask students to think about possible weaknesses in Freud’s theory. What other factors may lead people to commit robbery.

Please submit original work.