Your assignment is to consider the following scenario. A defendsnt is chsrged eith falsely spreading a bimb scare at her school. At trial:

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The prosecution offers a witness, anne, whi testifies that she was standing in the school hallway when she heard a student who was walking by say that a bomb had been planted and would go off at noon.

When the proscetuion asks anne on the stand if the person whi made that statement is in the courtroom, she nods her head and points at the defendant. 

The defense offers a prior statement given by anne to police officers at school that she did nit see clearly who made the statement in the hallway about the bomb being planted. 

Defense offers a witness, jacob, who testifies that he was im the school hallway when anne turned to him and said that she just heard students say a bomb had been planted in the school.

Jacob further testifies that when he asked anne which student made the statement, anne just “stared blankly, her jaw dropped and shook her head”

Explain whether the evidence in each example is an admissible hearsay or not.

1 page, 4 paragraphs, doesnt have to be in APA style & state references thank you!