Creating Family Rituals, assignment help

 Creating Family Rituals

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Not to much reference, need more though by yourself. Also read the question and the files carefully 

Also the textbook is also on the files

This assignment challenges you to create family rituals regarding:

(1) Weddings

(2) Divorces

(3) Blending stepfamilies

In our society, we spend a great deal of time, energy, and money on our rituals regarding weddings, so this aspect of the assignment will probably be the easiest ritual for you to describe. Design your own wedding ceremony, complete with all the music and songs, readings, ritual words of the officiate, sermon or homily, vows, various symbolic acts etc. Be sure to incorporate any important religious or cultural traditions. Be creative as you craft ritual words and acts to express the meanings and values important to you which you have discovered during the course. If you are already married, you can explain the rituals you chose when you got married and why you chose them.

No one on their wedding day plans to get divorced or get remarried in the future. However, we know that this is a reality that many individuals will face. Research indicates that, in part, some of why divorced individuals and stepfamilies struggle is because of our society’s lack of rituals regarding these processes. So, based on the research, what would be your recommended rituals regarding the process of (1) divorce and (2) blending a new stepfamily. Remember to provide as much depth and detail as you did for the wedding ceremony.

Identify 3 – 5 concepts from the text. Your response should be three pages

It is absolutely essential that students cite information from their textbook (or other resources) to support the research-based information provided in the pamphlet. Content that appears to be the opinion of students (and not cited material) will receive a poor grade.