creating a PowerPoint about conflict resolution

Creating a PowerPoint about conflict resolution. ( module and reading material are attached)

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Your PowerPoint should be as long as required to deliver the information below thoroughly. Please include a cover page.

1.Choose three of the assertive communication styles from your reading that you think of the most important to communicate more assertively.

2.Define the five conflict response styles and provide a summary of each in your words.

3.What is meant by contentious tactics? What are they and how they affect conflict resolution?

4.Explain the concept of cognitive bias and how it affects conflict resolution.

5.What are the six principles of influence? Provide a summary of each in your words.

6.Define the six steps to the resolution roadmap, providing a summary of each on an individual slide. Make sure to boil down to the key concepts of each one of the six steps on your slides provide summaries in your words.

7.Lastly, provide a summary of the Jack and Heather resolution from the module and give us your advice on how to resolve their conflict.