Created Genogram, homework help

Step 1: Create Genogram

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Construct a detailed, 3-generation Genogram of your family. You may find it helpful to talk with relatives to give you information for this assignment. In constructing the Genogram, follow these guidelines:

  • Use any 3 generations in your family.
  • Use the correct, commonly-used symbols. See the “Genogram Instructions/Sample” and “Creating The Family Genogram” links on the content page. You must use standard genogram formatting.
  • Draw a circle around the family living in the home.
  • Illustrate relationships. Include the marital/significant other/divorce status for each member.
  • Include demographics for each member: give their name, age, cause of death, occupation, physical/emotional problems.
  • Indicate the strength of ties among members, using appropriate symbols. Highlight relationship dynamics including conflictual/enmeshed/distant, etc.
  • Indicate illness and deaths. Write out a brief description or use appropriate symbols.
  • Indicate significant life events or stressors for members, using a brief description.

Step 2: Develop a Narrative

Write a narrative of at least 2 paragraphs in length, answering the following questions:

1.  What are the patterns or dynamics seen through the generations or unique to one generation?  Identify at least 3 insights or dynamics using the elements described in Step 1.

2.  What are the possible uses of Genograms in family work, whether case management or family therapy?  Describe at least two applications.

Step 3: Combine and Submit

Combine both the Genogram (Step 1) and your narrative (Step 2) into a single document.