create documents using various functions of word processing software review the grading rubric below before beginning this activity


During your time here at University you believe you have collected a good listing of websites related to your program of study and you want to share this information with some of your classmates. You want to be able to present this information in a readable format for others. You have learned how to create tables and hyperlinks in Microsoft Word and decide that creating a table with a description of the sites and a hyperlink to each website would make it easy to use.

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Assignment Details

  1. Using WordArt, place a title at the top of your document and center align it. The title should describe the table of hyperlinks you are about to create. (Example: Helpful Websites Links for Criminal Justice degrees)
  2. Create a 2-column table with 7 rows.
  3. Add a table style with color to your table (similar to the example below).
  4. Label the columns in the top row.
    1. The left column should be labeled “Hyperlink.”
    2. The right column should be labeled “Description.”
  5. Format the Column titles as Tahoma 14, bold, and dark blue font color.
  6. Using the hyperlink option located on the Insert tab, add in the left column working hyperlinks (do not use the URL) to your selected websites for the five remaining rows. See example below of how the hyperlink should appear in your table.
  7. Provide, in the corresponding right column, the name of the website, and describe the information available for each of your sites in the next five (5) rows.
  8. Add an image (picture) in the last row of your table in the left column.
  9. In the right column explain why you selected the clip art you did.
    1. Does it signify your program of study?
    2. Does it show an interest or hobby you might have?
  10. Add a Header with your name aligned right.
  11. Add a Footer with the page number aligned center.
  12. Add Mirrored Margin Settings

Write a paragraph, below the table, explaining how you plan to use the hyperlinks during your studies. Add three bullet statements below the paragraph about why you chose the websites you did. Ensure your paper is free of all spelling and grammatical errors.

Example of what your table might look like:




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