create a story with the vocab words, writing homework help

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Create a story that is around or less than 200 words with the highlighted vocab words. They do not have to be in order 
  1. Our culture has a split personality about big tech companies like Google. On the one hand we are constantly afraid that they are out for world domination. On the other hand, we love what they offer us and make them our heroes.
  2. To some extent, Apple (like all the best products) goes beyond products and becomes almost a cult.
  3. The Google “desktop” runs in your browser because that is what is available to Google for now. But inside your browser you can “live” in Google applications all day. Google has everything you need. And therein lies their strategy. They want you to use all and only Google applications.
  4. But Microsoft has one thing going for it (their competitive advantage). Chrome can’t run without Windows. But Windows can run perfectly well without Chrome. Windows is underneath Chrome
  5. Google can’t get to a lot of Facebook data. Facebook’s hidden web that can’t be accessed through the Google crawling tools because it is behind Facebook’s firewall.
  6. Google is an algorithmic company while Facebook understands people