Create a PowerPoint presentation

Project Description

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You will conceptualized, develop, design and present a mockup for a new mobile app and its accompanying business website in your chosen field of business or personal interest, following the System Development Life Cycle (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. (SDLC) model/methodology. Browse SDLC figure and phases here (…

Your proposed mobile or web enterprise should be designed to leverage the power of information technology (IT) to gain competitive advantage in the global economy. You will apply the principles, models, strategies, technologies and ethical/security/privacy practices discussed in the course–including the open source materials and lectures.

The proposed business would offer products, services, or processes via mobile cellular devices as well as a website.

As part of the project, you will post a thorough and detailed PowerPoint presentation. Your presentation (slides with embedded “speaker notes”) should succinctly explain your

business model. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

You will explore your business concept, capabilities, value, and strategy* to potential partners, colleagues, or investors. And include a mock up of the app and website.

[*According to Harvard University Professor Lynda Applegate, “A business model defines how an organization interacts with its environment to define a unique strategy, attract the resources and build the capabilities required to execute the strategy, and create value for all shareholders.”]

Within the presentation’s speaker notes, students should address the following questions [Adapted and updated from *Applegate, L.M., Austin, R.D. and Soule, D.L. Corporate Information Strategy and Management: Text and Cases, 8th Edition, McGraw-Hill Irwin, 2009)]:

1. What type of mobile/web business are you in? Which opportunities will you be pursuing and which you will not purse?

2. Who will be your customers, suppliers, and potential business partners? What value does your mobile enterprise provide to the above key stakeholders? What value do you provide to employees and owners?

3. What are the competitive forces within the industry that you will be competing in? Who will be your biggest competitor(s)? Who will they might be in the future?

4. What differentiates your mobile business from competitors and substitutes? How easy (or difficult) is it for new players to enter your markets, offering a unique value proposition and/or substitute products and services? How easy (or difficult) would it be for your customers, suppliers, or partners to switch?

5. How efficient and effective do you think your core operating activities and processes will be? How easy (or difficult) will it be for your customers, suppliers, and partners to do business with your enterprise? How easy (or difficult) will it be for your venture to evolve your product-marketing positioning, to explore new businesses?

6. What will be the capabilities and resources needed to execute your strategy? Do you currently have, or can build, the capabilities required?

7. What are the key business model drivers of capital efficient profitable growth and market value? What role does IT/IS systemes play in enabling the business model drivers of economic value? Can we use IT/IS to develop a business model dashboard and monitor business model performance? Please illustrate.


Create a PowerPoint presentation (with embedded speaker notes) that explains your mobile business’s concept, capabilities, value, and strategy. And make a mock up of the User-Interface (how it will look and function, that is, no computer programming required.) Do not use effects or animations. But, must include graphics, diagrams, tables, and graphics as needed. Reference statistics, trends, and articles to support your arguments.

Write a speech (speaker notes) to go with your presentation and break it into sections in the speaker notes to your slides. APA in-text citations for referenced material on the slides should also appear in the notes.

The following outline is suggested for your presentation. Topics may be broken out into additional slides as necessary.


1. Title Slide

Your name

Your business name

Class, Professor, Semester


2. Business Concept


Mission Statement


3. CSFs & KPIs

Economic and noneconomic

Keys to success

Short- and long-term


4. Products and Services


Supply chain management


5. Market Analysis

Target Market

Market Conditions (Porter’s Five Forces, Generic Strategies)

Competitive Analysis


6. Web and Mobile Strategy

CRM and Web marketing strategy

Development requirements


7. Operations and Infrastructure


IT-based competitive advantages


8. Sustainability

Environmental sustainability

Social sustainability


9. Stakeholders


Ethical responsibilities


10. Ethics in the Supply Chain

Issue 1 and PEAS Solution

Issue 2 and PEAS Solution


11. Conclusion Slide

Business summary: Operations, Infrastructure, Ethics


12. Appendix: Illustrating your business app (mock up.)