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I need help with the revisions on this paper , I have placed below the critique of the 3 areas that did not pass. The paper DOES NOT NEED TO BE REWRITTEN just add on to what is already in the paper below. I have also made bold the three areas in the paper that did not pass

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A2a. Coverage of Medications

Comments on this criterion: 7/15/2016 – The submission states that the Japanese government incurs 70% of the costs for services, including screening exams, infectious disease control, and prenatal care, A discussion on how medications are covered in Japan is not clearly evident.

A2b. Referral to See a Specialist

Comments on this criterion: 7/15/2016 – A discussion on the referral process for both the United States and Japan is presented. The information discussed is not entirely accurate for both countries. Please clarify the accuracy of the information presented on referrals.

A3. Finance Implications for Healthcare Delivery

Comments on this criterion: 7/15/2016 – The submission states that the quality of care is not influenced by income in Japan, and that the number of uninsured is rising in the U.S. The discussion does not clearly explain the two financial implications for the patient with regard to the healthcare delivery differences between the two countries. Please clarify this discussion and provide additional detail regarding two specific financial implications.