Contraception Communication and Traumatic Injury

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Due 6pm Wednesday 2/11/2015

Injury (400 words) References required

Many traumatic injuries can be
prevented. ThinkFirst (
is an organization that addresses prevention (research and policy) of injuries
such as traumatic brain injury (TBI), spinal cord injury (SCI), and other
injuries. Explore the website and:

  1. Discuss a minimum of one prevention strategy to prevent
    TBI in children and youth.

Describe the
role teachers and other school staff should play in the area of prevention.
Should schools be responsible for prevention programs? If not who?

Reference Required

Communication Due 6pm Wednesday 2/11/2015 (400 Words)

Sperm Durex Commercial

Compare a contraceptive’s perfect
with its typical use. Discuss factors that may influence each.

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