Consumerism and College

Consumerism and College

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“The Shock of Education: How College Corrupts,” by Alfred Lubrano

Topic: Alfred Lubrano discusses the hurdles associated with students coming from a working-class background and attending college. Lubrano points out that many students from working-class homes are unprepared for college due to their parent’s lack of involvement and expectations (543). There is a noticeable distance, at times, that separates college students from their parents and even their peers. Such students are afraid to voice their developing opinions and become alienated from people they have known their entire lives.

Assignment Guidelines: Your response should be in 12-point, Times New Roman font and be at least one page, double-spaced. Please consider your views of college and include at least two quotations from the article. Upload your response to Canvas for credit. You may type your response.

Writing Tasks:

What does Lubrano mean when he says college “corrupts”?


In light of Lubrano’s essay, do you believe college “corrupts”? Why or why not?