Concept of systems thinking

Week 1 Assignment: Individual

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Word Count Minimum 1000 Words

This week’s assignment will help acquaint you with the concept of systems thinking through some general questions.

  • Explain and discuss the concept of systems thinking.
  • Provide two examples of systems thinking in a health care environment with which you are familiar from either your readings or your experience.
  • Provide one example of where you could apply systems thinking that would positively affect your current work environment.


  • Title Page
  • Introduction
  • Concept of Systems Thinking (Level 1 APA Heading)
  • Two Examples of System Thinking (Level 1 APA Heading)

Example One (Level 2 APA Heading)

Example Two (Level 2 APA Heading)

5.Applying Systems Thinking in My Work Environment (Level 1 APA Heading)