computer project 4

Course Project: Part 4 – Final Web Page Creation

This week you will construct the final page of your Website and begin the process of hosting the site online. This is an essential step for this project because it allows you to share your work with the world! Because these pages will be hosted online, you should be sure to include a disclaimer at the bottom stating that this is not a real travel site, such as “This is an educational project and no actual travel is offered.”

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Week 4 Tasks:


  • Modify any pages as necessary from comments and feedback from Week 3. Include any media or layout changes that are still needed. This should include your videos and an audio file in your destination pages using embed code or HTML5 commands.
  • Copy the index.html page using Save As to create the contact page from your sitemap; be sure to name the files correctly so the links you created work. Modify the text of the contact page to include a form for users to complete to submit feedback to the site (this framework needs to be built this week but you will make it operational in Week 5). Be sure to keep the banner and layout for consistent branding of the site and a consistent experience for the end user. At minimum, the form must include:
    • a Name field
    • an Email field
    • a Comments box
    • a Submit button


Register a domain name with a Web host (examples include for free with advertisements on your pages or for a price) and register for enough space to house your site (30 MB is typically sufficient depending upon image size; you can right-click your folder and choose Properties to see how much storage space it requires and match that to your hosting allotment). Post the name of the URL you registered in the comments or in a Word document included in your Zip folder. You should also practice uploading your pages since this will be required for Week 5 Project. If you encounter any problems, please contact the instructor to assist; do not post your username and password in the classroom for your site!

Submit your HTML files (which should be 5 total pages) along with any images or integrated media from the Implementation section in a Zipped folder (compressed with a .zip extension) to the submission folder. Cite any sources in APA format. Be sure to list your URL for the hosting site you selected (this should be a URL where your site will be located, not the URL of the host or the login page for your account on the host).