. Compose a short essay which analyzes the works,

using the following questions to help guide your response:

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a. Identify the artworks chosen (artist, title, medium and date).

b. What messages do the works seeks to convey? What issues concerned the artists? In your
discussion, you must include pertinent contextual information such as the period of art and
historical context in which the particular artwork was made.

c. Are the messages general and accessible to a wide viewership or specialized, requiring some
knowledge of the artist’s intent to fully understand?

d. Include a discussion of how the artwork’s materials (medium) affects its message and

e. What elements cause the works to be either successfully or unsuccessfully powerful or
persuasive? Consider elements such as subject matter, aesthetic choices, composition, etc. Be
specific and use visual and contextual evidence to support your position

f. Finally, do you believe artists have a role or responsibility in times of conflict or violence?

* Word count: 500 words minimum. You may exceed this minimum requirement. Include a word
count at the bottom of your essay. Do not bullet point, or otherwise separate, your information. You
are expected to submit a fully complete essay, with a clearly developed introduction and conclusion

* the two artworks to be composed are those both pictures:

Ganzeer, Tank vs. Bike, with graffiti by Sad Panda

paolo pellegrin in Lebanon