Components and Language of Research Reports

  • Identify a method of disseminating EBP . Discuss the feasibility of the method, how it will be evaluated, and strategies to reach as many people as possible.
  • Use this research report :…
  • TaBLe 2.1
    Problem or Introduction: describes the gap in knowledge that will be addressed in the research study
    • Literaturereview • Theory • Researchquestion • Hypothesis
    Methods: describes the process of implementing the research study
    • Qualitative • Quantitative • Mixedmethods • Measures • Sample • Procedures
    Results: summarizes the specific information gathered in the research study
    • Data • Dataanalysis • Themes • Descriptiveresults • Significance • Multivariate
    Conclusions: describes the decisions or determinations that can be made about the research problem

    • Limitations • Implications for practice:

    • Using Table 2.1 as a guide
    • post the title of the research report you selected and describe the gap in knowledge that it addresses;
    • summarize the problems and the methods sections of the report; and
    • summarize the results and conclusions sections of the report.
    • compare and contrast the components of the research process in relation to the research report and the nursing process.

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