Complete 500 word paper on local Art Musuem


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Your final assignment is during the semester you will visit a local art/history museum and write a minimum of 500 words paper about your visit. This will not be a virtual museum visit, but an actual museum visit.

If you live in the Albany, GA area, you have a choice of three museums to visit: the Albany Museum of Art (which is adjacent to ASU West Campus on Gillionville Road), the Civil Rights Museum in downtown Albany, and the Albany Area Arts Council museum in downtown Albany. If you live out of the Albany area, then choose an art/history museum or an art exhibit near you. The above paper description applies to everyone. Let me know which museum you plan to visit and write about. Include the name and address of the art/history museum that you visited. Take a time dated photo of the museum you visited and submit it along with your paper. Save you photo as a JPG. file.

You will describe your visit from the time you first enter the museum of your approved choice. Write about the architecture and the ambience. Choose one work of art, write a detailed description of the artwork, and tell why (in detail) you chose that piece to write about. Include the name of the artwork and the artist’s name.

DO NOT COPY any information from a brochure without citing the source. Your paper must be written in the MLA style of writing (see course syllabus). All work should be your own.

Save and submit your MLA style paper as a Word doc. file ONLY. Images of your photos must be saved as a .jpg file.

Grading Rubric: (I will be using TurnItIn editing software to check for plagiarism).

1. Less than minimum of 500 words of actual content (body of work) =”0″.

2. Using someone else’s work for your own and/or not citing that work in your content and on a Works Cited page is plagiarism=”0″.

3. Late work will not be accepted and will result in a grade of “0”.

4. No papers will be returned for correction. I suggest that you have the Online Writing Center check your paper before you turn it in.

5. Total grade for paper is “100” points.

If you have any questions, contact me immediately.

Post your paper in the Assignments on the tool bar. No papers will be accepted in Discussions, via course email, or the instructor’s ASU email. No excuses. Do not wait until the “11th hour” to complete this assignment.