Complete 2 Page Essay on Samuel Tilden, American Politician

MY TOPIC: Samuel Tilden, American Politician

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Samuel Tilden was born in the year 1814 on February 9th in New Lebanon, New York city (Bigelow 174-182). He was a lawyer, a governor of New York. In the year 1876, he had run a position of the president in the disputed elections and this made him remembered in the US political history. His life in politics had just started and in the elections for presidency post, it was evident that he had garnered a clear majority vote but the elections were disputed and since he was a peaceful person, he had to accept the verdict in order to avoid any possible violence. He is known for his distant, secretive, cautious, and dilatory nature. However, due to his frail health, he was forced to come out of politics in the year 1877 but remained to have great influence in the Democratic Party and US politics in general and his contributions are still remembered to date. He later died in the year 1886.

Bigelow, John. “<Italic>The Life Of Samuel J. Tilden</Italic>. By J<Sc>Ohn</Sc> B<Sc>Igelow</Sc>, LL.D. (New York: Harper And Brothers. 1895. Two Vols., Pp. Vii, 415, V, 412.).” The American Historical Review vii and v (1895): 174-182. Web. 29 Mar. 2018.


Write a biographical essay on a figure from American history
during the time period covered by this course.
More than one person may write about the same figure, but make sure your
essay consists entirely of your own words, research, and ideas – I will be
monitoring this carefully. Make a strong
case for why this person is historically important. Use at least three different sources, either
printed or electronic. Acceptable
electronic sources include articles from Galileo and material on websites with
an .edu or .gov extension. Please do not
use electronic sources from sites with a .com, .net, or .org extension. You may use our textbook as a source, but if
you do, you must have at least three additional sources. The essay should be typed, at least two full double-spaced pages long
not counting your Works Cited page,
with one-inch margins, in Times New Roman 12 point font. List full bibliographic information for your
three sources on a separate “Works Cited” page.
Follow the MLA format which you learned in your English Composition I
class for your Works Cited page and your in-text citations. Be sure to watch
the videos on MLA formatting which are posted in Module 5. Please note that in the field of history, in-text citations are needed
not just for direct quotes from sources but also for important facts that you
take from sources.