Complete 2 English Classmate Responses


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Top Three Issues Grammarly Uncovered and If the Issues were Surprising

The main three issues Grammarly uncovered were passive voice, subject-verb agreement, and punctuation. I expected these issues. I usually make these mistakes while I am writing. I tend to get confused in punctuation and subject-verb agreement is confusing to me too.

Feedback Grammarly Provided Me

Grammarly suggested I should use commas to separate independent clauses when they are joined by subordinating conjunctions. In other words, I should use commas for words such as but, so, yet, or and. I used the commas to link two independent clauses related in thought. Grammarly suggested I should use a semicolon in this case. The feedback for singular and plural verb misusage was to correct the opposite verb tense. Grammarly suggested I should shift the focus of the sentence from the indirect or direct object to the actor. That way, I should prevent dangling modifiers.

Was the Feedback Useful?

I think this feedback was useful. Grammarly helped me to clear up many misunderstandings. Grammarly showed me the reasons my sentences were confusing. Grammarly showed me the best way to correct my mistakes. Reading Grammarly’s feedback helped me to see the best way to construct my sentences too.

The Usefulness of Grammarly Tool

I think Grammarly is useful. I have been using Grammarly for a while. I think Grammarly has been helpful to me since I started taking classes in Ashford. Grammarly has shown me many ways to improve sentence construction, punctuation, and avoiding fragments. Grammarly has shown me when I should use articles too. I think I will use Grammarly to proofread my entire paper and I will use it in future assignments too. My main concern is that advances issues have a charge in Grammarly and I cannot afford it.


 Original  Paragraphs
I am Writing about a special birthday present that I received for my birthday from my two daughters .  I really like hummingbirds. I collect hummingbirds.  My yard has solar hummingbird lights and in the springsummer my front yard I have flags and hummingbird feeders all around my front yard. There is a tree I my yard that has purple flowers on it that the hummingbirs love I stick my hummingbird feederin that tree and I get excited when I see he hummingbird come to theflowers and the hummingbird feeder.

  Three issuesThree issuses that Grammarly uncovered in my discussion were subject-verb agreement, passive voice and puncuatiotion and grammar. No I was not surprised with the issues that Grammarly found because I know that I am not a very good writer to begin so I was expecting that there would be a lot of issues with my personal essay.

  Feedback from GrammarlyThe feedback from grammarly  learned that I need to learn the difference and more about subject-verb agreement and how they are to be used in writing.  Ialso learned how and where I should use puncuatation and proper grammar.  This information that I received from Grammarly was very helpful because now it gives me some ideas on how to use certain items in my writing.

  Usefulness of Grammarly

I don’t think my writing improved.  I would say that my writing has gotten better by using Grammarly but it did not improve very much. 
es I will use Grammarly to proofread my entire paper because I think it will help me withmy subject-verb agreement =, my puncuatation and my wordness.  I tendto just keep writing the same things over and over again but in different ways. I will use Grammarly for my future assignments because it is helpfulto see where I made my mistakes and what I need to improve on