Compensation Management paper questions

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  1. Answer Questions
    1-8 (70 words on each question)


  2. Assuming you perform a job analysis and conduct a job
    evaluation, which job evaluation technique do you recommend to them?  Why?

  3. Discuss the current
    problems and issues facing customer first in terms of pay.

  4. Explain the strategic factors that you must include in designing
    an externally competitive pay policy for this firm.

  5. Explain the type of
    pay policy that Nutriment should follow for the two groups: scientists and
    administrative staff positions.  Explain your rationale.

  6. Develop sales incentive plan for the salesman.

  7. Develop a job
    description for the salesman with both he objectives and required knowledge,
    skills, and abilities.

How do you measure the pay disparity at this firm? 
Discuss the factors that contribute to current CEO pay in this company
which Don must consider in explaining to the workers.

  8.Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of implementing an HSA
in this company.