Comparative research and analysis – class central of Asia

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Hi This mano I faced a problem with my old user so I just created new account and this the require for class central of asia and the instruction 

outline 584.docx 

plz revise the outline and talk about the points that I include it here “”As we discussed, a research paper should focus on investigating issue, which in your case means you will need to choose one of the three topics in your outline. Rather, one of the two since it is too early to assess the impact of the Eurasian Economic Union, which was launched on January1, 2015.

So, it will have to be either the prospects for democracy or the issue of religious freedom and state policies toward religion.

Please choose one and then chose, say, 2 countries to conduct a comparative research and analysis.
If you choose the democracy topic, as you will see from the next week’s readings, the prospects are not that great. So you will need to come with a different thesis/research question. 40 pages for this class as well ” 

 copl 584.doc 

this is the syllbus