companies and their management communication issues

Come up with three possible companies and their management communication issues. For each possible company, write a paragraph about the company and their management communication issue.

Topic Requirements for 3 companies

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1. Choose a company that has or had management communication issue. This means it was a communication issue from top-down communication. It was not caused by lower level employees.

2. Pick a management communication issue that has publicly available data so that you can find enough references (minimum of five).

3. Make sure you are able to articulate the management communication issue clearly.

4. The issue you choose needs to be current, within the last 7 years.

Here’re some examples:

Toyota acceleration issue

Samsung exploding phones

Apple for slowing down older phones

Wells Fargo opening credit cards

Detroit Public School board members keeping money for themselves and not giving it to the schools

United Airlines forceful removal of a passenger