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(1) 1-2 sentences describing your primary source. It should be about someone or an event in U.S. history between 1865 – 1990. What is it, exactly? Who wrote it? When?

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(2) What is the main topic related to your primary source? In other words, if you have a newspaper article from 1933 criticizing Eleanor Roosevelt, the wife of the president, because she was publishing a weekly newspaper column, what topic would you want to explore a bit more to understand this document? (Answer: Eleanor Roosevelt as first lady and her activities.)

(3) Complete citation for your primary source, Chicago Style. (See more about what a primary source is below and at your Module for the Primary Source Assignment.) The left hand column of the website below tells you how to write out the citation for a book, periodical (journal article), personal communication, etc:

(4) Complete citation of one secondary source you have found IN PRINT – a book or scholarly article – related to your topic. Chicago Style. USE Grossmont’s Library. OR SDSU’s Library. No dictionaries or encyclopedias. No children or young adult books.