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America is most often referred to as a nation of immigrants. The diversity in America is most notable as a person walks down the street. The city streets of many metropolitan areas are covered with a variant of cultures that represent a subgroup in the United States. In the recent 40 years, the Latino community has increased its presence in America and forced the nation to reevaluate its relationship with immigrants once again. The most contentious argument over the last two years has been the recipients of the DACA program. In short, the policy gives the children of undocumented children, who were not born in the United States, protection against deportation. The plan is praised by many immigrant activists, as well as, smeared by those opposing it. The DACA policy is a useful measure, but it doesn’t fulfill the debt that is owed to the immigrant community.

The United States is hailed as a nation of immigrants because of the country’s history with migrants. The United States is considered a land of opportunity, so many immigrants are drawn in by the notion and desire to travel there. Over the last century, there have been many different social groups that have a transitioned to this country. More recently, the Hispanic community has been meant with resentment over their transition into the united states. A growth in nationalism has sparked an opposition group to the presence of immigrants in the country. The immigrant community in the united states is a hard-working group of people who desire more for their families. Their role in American society is evident. Still, many of them immigrant groups continue to be marginalized.

The Latino community is currently the largest immigrant group in the country. the immigrant community continues to add value to this country both culturally and economically. However, there is a subset of immigrants that are ignored. Undocumented immigrants can be described as immigrants who traveled to a country without the countries permission. Over the last ten years, immigrants have been on a quest for immigration reform. They seek to become full members of American society. The movement leads to the creation of “Dreamers” which are undocumented immigrants who were brought to this country as children. Dreamers pushed for the Dream Act which offers permeant residency for those who qualify. To qualify, a migrant must graduate from a two-year college, or complete two years of a 4-year degree or serve in the military for at least two years. Even though there support for the bill, the bill failed to pass. So, in 2012 President Obama signed an executive order (DACA) that offered temporary relief from deportation to the young undocumented.

The policy is seen as a significant victory for the immigrant community because it had been over 25 years since the last major reform to immigration policy. The policy is simple. Immigrants who are eligible are given a two-year grace period from deportation. The is policy is also renewable every two years. This policy was a victory for immigrants because, after years of pressure, they achieved a minor success. Hope began to permeate the immigrant community. In the United States immigrants lack a voice or representation, so an opportunity to remain a part of this country relieved their mind.

The DACA was seen as successful because of the enrollment numbers. It was estimated that as many as 1 million people applied for DACA benefits. The policy also leads to a spike in students’ application for college. Another critical aspect of DACA was the work permit. Overall, DACA was a success because of the promises it made. The effect on young migrants is clear. However, is DACA just a Band-Aid that pushes the problem down the road for immigrants. The renewable aspect of DACA makes it a temporary solution for a significant issue. First, DACA isn’t perfect because it ignores the financial burdens of college. College is considered expensive, and those applying for DACA benefits are of lower-income households. Without the funds to pay for school, young immigrants will leave school a focus on joining the labor force. Second, DACA the work experience of the immigrant community. The modern workforce is subjugated to low-wages and lack health benefits, and DACA does nothing for this group of recipients of the policy. Lastly, DACA doesn’t offer a permeant solution.

All in all, DACA may have its shortcomings, but the hope it has instilled `in young migrants everywhere cannot be ignored. The DACA is a step in the right direction. Currently, the DACA policy is no longer in effect which has led to unsteadiness in the undocumented community. Still, the current push of migrants in the days after the rescindment of DACA is evidence of a community who will fight for recognition. The immigrant community may not have the upper hand in the current political climate, but passion and objectives can lead them recognition one day.