Childcare class assignment

Policies and Programs in your Community 300 words

In thinking about the importance of programs, organizations, standards, laws, and licensing requirements in programs which take care of children, answer the following questions:

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  • Why are standards, laws or policies on health and safety so important in a community?
  • Why are standards, laws or policies on health and safety so important in a program working with young children?
  • After researching your state standards for licensing, what standards or practices are required to reduce risks in a program working with young children?
  • Share two articles from the American Academy of Pediatrics website which support healthy and safe practices with young children in either homes or programs. You must share the direct link to the article in your post. Give APA format a try and provide a proper reference citation.
    • Describe why you feel these articles will be helpful in helping others understand the importance and connection between health, safety and nutrition with child development.


  • Windows of Opportunity and Healthy DevelopmentIn this

  • In this assignment you will create a bulleted list of developmental milestones and steps for a particular window of opportunity and make suggestions for how to capitalize on that time in development.
    • Choose one of the developmental windows of opportunity from this module lesson content
    • Research your chosen window of time and gather information on developmental skills and abilities which happen during that time period. Use resources from this course, Rasmussen College Library databases or credible websites. Find one resource to support your window.
    • Create a bulleted list of 5-8 developmental skills, abilities and milestones which can happen during the window of time.
    • For each bullet, include a suggestion for how to encourage that skill, ability or milestone during that time period.
    • Before submission, write an introduction and conclusion for the bulleted list to make it into a complete paper.
    • Include a title page and a reference page with your resources in APA format.