Chicken With Plums Essay

Please follow MLA guidelines for quoting in essays. The only exception to the MLA guidelines we are making is that your quotations, like the rest of your essay, do not have to be double spaced.

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1) Page 1: Select and copy a passage from the assigned text we are reading. Copy the passage on the first page of your essay (see sample).

a. The passage you pick should be complex and a good representation of your argument/analysis. Your passage can be any length, but your essay must analyze the entire passage, so select wisely.

2) Page 2: In a one page paper, you must present an organized and structured literary analysis of the passage using at least one of the literary theories.

a. The purpose of the essay is to discuss the themes, issues, and/or symbolism that you view as significant within the text, as represented by this passage. In other words, your essay is a close reading and analysis of a particular passage, and your essay will analyze this passage. Your essay may cite other passages from the text, but it should focus on a detailed reading/analysis of the initial passage (you can see an example of this in the sample essay.

b. In your analysis, you must state and refer to at least one literary theory and use it to analyze your passage.

b. Your paper must be one page in length; therefore, you are permitted to manipulate the font style as well as the spacing and margins in order to maintain the one page length requirement.