chapter 16 mp 3 section assignment 1

Read Chapter 13 “Interest Rates and Monetary Policy” of the attached PDF and VIEW ALL OF THE VIDEOS that are attached and complete the assignment below. I attached a PDF of the Book to read Chapter 16 in, and i also attached a Microsoft Word Document to show you what the finished product should look like.

The 3-Section assignment requires you to talk about being Confused, Surprised, and the Video that i attached.

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I also attached an image of what the 3-Section Assignment should look like. Please be sure to view the image thoroughly.

You must only write 4-sentence paragraphs. You cannot go over 4-sentences per paragraph. Each sentence in the paragraph must be between 10-20 words.

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    The Fed Explains Monetary Policy

    Watch VideoThe Fed Explains Monetary Policy
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    3S (section) Assignment

    3-Section Assignment for this chapter.Read/view the assigned chapter and video(s) in Course Content.Submit 7(+) paragraphs about what you read or saw, in the following three (3) sections.Section 1: What three (3) items MOST still confuse me about the chapter.Section 2: What three (3) items MOST surprised me when I read the chapter.Section 3: How did the video in this chapter in Course Content help you understand the material? (if there is more than one video, there will be more than one paragraph).Use the Writing Guide Sheet for 3S Assignment found in the “Writing 101” Section on the left side of our BlackBoard Home Page.