Change the format of the article to history style

Change this article format to history style. (Like add some footnote, don’t use APA style)

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The article and the History style is already upload, please read the material, and follow it to modify the format)

Here is the email i receive.

I viewed your essay and noticed that there does not appear to be any footnote citations to the sources that you used to write the essay. You used in-text citations featuring the authors’ surnames and years of the sources’ publication. But this style of citation is insufficient for history essays.

If you review the assignment instructions and the attached Style Manual from the History Department, you will note that more detailed footnote citations are a requirement for any acceptable essay in history. Note that footnotes must also include references to the specific page numbers where you found information in your sources that you used in writing your essay.

I would like to give you a chance to resubmit this assignment so that you can incorporate a proper citation system consisting of footnotes at the bottom of each page of your essay’s text. The sample essay pages that appear at the end of the attached Style Manual demonstrate the proper placement and format of footnotes in a finished essay.

Please let me know if you intend to resubmit and if you have any questions about what is required.