Challenges of Leadership Group Assignment

Group Project: Leadership Challenge

You will be assigned to a group from within the cohort for this
project. Leadership Project groups will be different from the Book Group
Project groups. Expect to be working with no more than 2 other cohort
members. Group facilitator will develop groups and post groups to the

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The Leadership Challenge Identification

Within your group, bring 3 identified leadership challenges from your
role, your function, your organization – try and identify challenges
that you have the power to impact.

As a group, review all challenges and select one to work through. You can also combine like problems to have a bigger scope.

The group will work together and identify what additional
information/research might be needed to be brought to the group
(example: has this happened to my company or anyone I know before and
what were the conditions under which it happened? What were the
limitations? What were the actions that were implemented and how did
that work? Where does it stand now?)

The group will work together and strategize how to move through the
challenge, how to mitigate the challenge or how to totally resolve the
challenge. Develop a presentation slide deck that captures the groups

In one video presentation, have each member of the group present how
this challenge relates to their work world, what parts of the solution
can they implement and what impact they hope to have in their
organization. Both components (the slide deck of challenge, strategies,
actions, and impact, as well as the team’s video presentation) will be

Each individual will be responsible for reviewing the work of the
other groups (you will not review your own group) each individual will
need to comment once on each presentation with what their key learning
was from the challenge and strategies presented and add comment about
what this challenge looks like in their organization – no more than 2
paragraphs of text comments.

Summary of Actions Required:

  1. Groups formed and published (groups of 3; no more than 4)
  2. Leadership Challenges (3) per member discussed, combined and one challenge selected
  3. Group works towards end product
  4. Group prepares slide deck (presentation – get creative through use of pictures, voice over, etc.)
  5. Group prepares video – individual members share key learnings, and
    actions they integrated into their world and the impact it had/is
  6. Individuals in cohort review all teams’ challenges, comment on learnings.
  7. Each individual member will develop a solution to their own
    challenge and submit proposal for moving forward based on their
    learnings – executive summary is attached in the file below