Select four CSPs and provide a comparison of them, philosophy homework help

the websites above on the top Cloud Service Providers (CSPs). Select
four CSPs and provide a comparison of the four in terms of
functionality, cost, security, and any other factors you can find.
Consider including an “infographic” comparing the service providers
along with your written assessment. Given the recent upsurge in CSPs,
what guidelines would you recommend to a company that was considering
cloud adoption?

assignment should be in a Word compatible document with proper
attention to spelling, punctuation, and grammar. All references and
citations must be in APA or MLA format.

This assignment should be a minimum of two pages in length (about 1000 words

: Please no plagarism and need original content  with APA format
references , will withdraw the question if there is plagarism .

Case Study: Harassment in the workplace, policy

Case study: California Steel- over 100 employees – California Steel shop annex is headquartered on site where employees are building the new Apple campus.

My Role: Operations/Payroll HR person

Employee overview: Hourly workers (union), 5 female steel workers (non in supervisory positions), 28 male supervisors


  • One of the supervisors (Brad Majors) comes in to talk to everyone and brings his company phone to you and says this really doesn’t work anymore can you issue me a new phone? (doesn’t receive good signal)
  • I give him a new phone and take down the new phone number, I will also take the phone to our main campus to disable and wipe for repair and reissue.
  • Supervisor (Brad Majors) takes his new phone and goes to work.
  • I failed to take care of the phone (leaving it on my desk and going home for the evening). I come back to work the next morning to release Payroll and log on to the computer, the phone starts to vibrate. I turn on the phone and one of the female workers (Janet Weiss) is on the phone topless (This is being used as her caller id photo).

What are the next steps that you need to do? Enclosed is your investigator guide. There is no template, but you will have to fill out an investigative type form. One with a policy and the other forms (investigation guide and report) and determine what steps to embark on and take if the organization does not have a formal policy or process/procedure on board and determine if the company was also in violation of the law.

The word File is to show how you could be writing the assigment

The PDF gives you the guide on how to procede. No need to fill it out.

A minimum of 1’000 words

Essay style

Finish unsolicited external proposal to provide workshops for senior students in educating them about ethical decisions

I attached an example.

You should finish all the proposal. The purpose of this assignment is to provide workshops for senior students in educating them about ethical decisions they will face, and corporate culture.

first step in this task is to choose an audience and purpose and write a
statement of purpose. That document defines the problem and its importance,
offers some context and background, and briefly outlines the methods you
propose to solve it. It should be no longer than 350 words.

project will then culminate in the actual proposal, written in the appropriate
form and focused on persuading your audience that what you are proposing is
necessary and feasible, and that you are the best candidates to carry out the
project you are proposing. Because each group’s proposal and audience will be
different, it is important that you pay close attention to the examples
provided or that you find for the type of proposal you’re writing.

I will upload more details later.

prepare a memorandum please

INDIVIDUAL WRITING PROJECT (50 points) Please prepare an inter-office Research Memorandum, including outline and draft on the following scenario.

Facts: Our client, Mars Grocery Store, Inc. is being sued for negligence/premise liability by Sally Thompson, a store patron. Ms. Thompson went to Mars on December 4, 2016 to purchase groceries. While she was in the produce section of the store, Ms. Thompson slipped in a puddle of water that was on the floor and fell. Another patron in the store at the time, Debra Smith, came to help Ms. Thompson. Ms. Smith reportedly stated to our client that she told a store employee about 10 minutes before the fall that there was a large puddle of water on the floor in the produce section. The employee, named John, told Ms. Smith that he would clean it up right away. The employee was coming back with a bucket and mop right as Ms. Thompson fell. Ms. Thompson sustained a broken ankle as a result of the fall.

Please research Mars’ liability to Ms. Thompson for her injuries under a theory of negligence/premise liability under Maryland law, include in your memo any potential defenses of the store against Ms. Thompson’s claim.

Prepare a Memorandum of your findings (5 pages MAX double spaced). You must use at least 3 authorities (cases) in your Memorandum.

What effect does lowering the estimate of doubtful accounts have on the income statement and balance sheet?, assignment help

Anton Blair is the manager of a medium-sized company. A few years ago, Blair persuaded the owner to base a part of his compensation on the net income the company earns each year. Each December, he estimates year-end financial figures in anticipation of the bonus he will receive. If the bonus is not as high as he would like, he offers several recommendations to the accountants for year-end adjustments; one of his favorite recommendations if for the controller to reduce the estimate of doubtful accounts.

In your response, address the following:

  • What effect does lowering the estimate of doubtful accounts have on the income statement and balance sheet?
  • Do you believe Blair’s recommendation to adjust the allowance for doubtful accounts is within his right as a manager, or do you believe this action is an ethics violation? Justify your response.
  • What type of internal control(s) might be useful for this company in overseeing the manager’s recommendations for accounting changes?

write a short review after watched “white like me”

  1. Watch “white like me” on the youtube , and write a short review, including at least 3 important themes or topics covered in the film.
  2. You can be positive or critical of the themes you choose to review. However, you must back up your claims with evidence. This may be evidence from the film itself or any outside material of your choosing.
  3. If you use outside material, you must give a full citation for the source. For help, refer to these guidlines. There is no need to cite the film itself, however it should be clear which film you are reviewing.
  4. Your review should be at least two full pages, typed with 12pt font and 1-inch margins.

Do’s and Dont’s of Pregnancy

The Japanese Disaster, Radiation & Pregnancy: FAQ

In light of the nuclear plant crisis in Japan in 2014, OTIS & its affiliates have received a number of calls from concerned women, worried about the potential for radiation exposure in North America. We enlisted the help of Robert L. Brent, MD, PhD, D.Sc, a distinguished professor of pediatrics, pathology and radiology at Jefferson Medical College to address some frequently asked questions. In addition, Dr. Brent is head of the clinical and experimental teratology lab at the DuPont Hospital For Children in Wilmington, Delaware. He is renowned for his expertise in radiation exposures in pregnancy. Sonia Alvarado, senior teratogen information specialist at OTIS’ California affiliate, the CTIS Pregnancy Health Information Line, also contributed to this article.

1) Q. In earthquake-prone California, many residents worry that a nuclear disaster is inevitable at such nuclear plants as San Onofre, located near Los Angeles and San Diego. If the same problems that are occurring at Japan’s nuclear plants were to happen at a plant in the United States, would pregnant
women in nearby cities be affected?

  1. This is extremely unlikely, said Dr. Brent.

    2) Q. It’s been reported that fires are continuing to break out at the Tokyo Electric Power Company’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. Should pregnant women traveling and flying near Japan be concerned?

  1. Nuclear power plants do not explode like an atomic bomb. They do not have that potential, so, no, they shouldn’t be concerned.

    3) Q. Since the nuclear plant crisis in Japan, United States health officials are reporting that sales of potassium iodide, a pill that can help prevent thyroid cancer due to radioactive iodine exposure, have spiked in California and Western Canada. Should people, particularly pregnant women and children, along the Western Coast of the U.S. and Canada be concerned about potential radiation exposure from Japan?

  1. You take potassium iodide if you are exposed to I-131 from the reactor. I-131 is only one particular radionuclide, of which we will not be receiving significant amounts. Taking potassium iodide would only help protect one organ, the thyroid.

4) Q. Is taking a supplement, like seaweed, that contains iodine or other products claiming to aid in diluting radiation exposure recommended at this time?

  1. “Not at this time,” said Alvarado. “Some of these products are not even regulated. They are sold as ‘supplements’ and, therefore, are not regulated in the same manner as prescription medications,” she explained. The doses and absorption are not really known. This poses a concern, not just for pregnant women, but for the general public. In the case of pregnant women, the product could contain a substance that could be harmful, she added. In addition, the California Department of Public Health commented on the risks regarding taking potassium iodide. “We urge Californians to not take potassium iodide as a precautionary measure. It is not necessary given the current circumstances in Japan, it can present a danger to people with allergies to iodine, shellfish or who have thyroid problems, and taken inappropriately it can have serious side effects including abnormal heart rhythms, nausea, vomiting, electrolyte abnormalities and bleeding,” said Dr. Howard Backer, interim director of the CDPH and Mike Dayton, acting secretary of the California Emergency Management Agency, in a joint statement.

    5) Q. The 25th anniversary of Chernobyl is coming up on April 26th. What were some of the effects from radiation fallout on the fetus’ of pregnant women exposed to the disaster?

  1. Chernobyl was a much different problem, according to Dr. Brent. A boiler exploded because of mismanagement. It destroyed the reactor and spread radioactive material in the region around the plant. “There was no increase in birth defects. However, the government at the time encouraged pregnant women to abort their pregnancies, which was probably not necessary,” he added.

6) Q. What are the effects of excessive radiation exposure during pregnancy?

  1. Again, this wouldn’t be a concern with lower levels of radiation, reiterated Dr. Brent. “This would only be a concern with high levels similar to what was seen during Nagasaki & Hiroshima,” explained Alvarado. “In those extreme cases, we saw termination of pregnancies, mental retardation and other birth defects,” she added.

    7) Q. If women are concerned, what are the best ways they can be proactive and protect themselves from radiation exposure (in general) during pregnancy?

  1. This should not be a concern regardless of the Japanese situation, according to Dr. Brent. People are exposed to low levels of radiation everyday and, again, it would take a much greater disaster to have any effect on people in North America. “It is advisable to stop reading the misinformation in the media,” he said.

    “You don’t want to make medical decisions based on what you see on t.v.”, added Alvarado. If the need arises, the CDC will issue a recommendation about treatment guidelines and high-risk groups. “Stay tuned to medically-based resources, such as OTIS and your doctor, for any updates.” If you have any questions, please call OTIS counselors at 866-626-OTIS (6847).

A Day in Your Brain

As people go about their day and encounter different situations and experiences, they use various cognitive processes. People often do not recognize that they are using cognitive skills, and do not understand how their brain functioning contributes to their daily life experience. This assignment provides insight into the cognitive processes that your brain goes through on a daily basis.

Create a 12- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation to showcase “A Day in Your Brain.” Include the following:

  • Outline your typical day, from the time you wake up, until you go to sleep.


  • Identify 8 to 10 situations throughout the day when the following cognitive processes occur:
    • Perception
    • Attention
    • Memory
    • Language
    • Reasoning
    • Decision making
    • Problem solving
  • Explain how the cognitive processes are used in the situation, and how they help you to adapt in your environment.

Include detailed speaker notes on each slide to use as a transcript of what you would say while presenting. DO NOT REPEAT WHAT IS IN THE SLIDE. THE NOTES HAVE TO EXPLAIN THE SLIDE.

Include a minimum of two sources to support your ideas.

COMM120 Information & Digital literacy

My instructor set-up (4) conversation groups this week. Select one of the topics to discuss which are of high interest to you.


  • Health and Wellness
  • Buying a Car
  • Hobbies
  • Vacations

Select a topic reference source from the web, which you deem credible and reliable. Read the source, extract the information and consider how you will engage your group members in the topic and information from the source. Be sure to include source attribution. As you are reading your source, consider the following:

  • How will you synthesize and present the content of the source to share?
  • What do you want your group members to know, and what do they need to know?
  • How will you share the information so that the content is clear and concise?
  • This is an opportunity for you to practice use of information and synthesis as you share with one another your own knowledge combined with a supporting source.

Anthropology Witchcraft, Writing Assignment Homework Help

Why do you think a belief in witchcraft is so common cross-culturally?  The term “witch hunt” has been used in modern U.S. society such as during the communist scare following World War II.  How is this similar to and different from the use of the term witch as discussed in this week’s module and in Chapter 10? 

The term in the module : Not only is the belief that there are witches a pretty universal belief, witches share incredibly similar features cross-culturally.  These include:

They are utterly bad, irredeemably evil; their powers cannot be used for good.

They have the ability to fly, or at least travel rapidly

They gather in groups to do evil.

They often have an animal familiar.

They do whatever that cultures defines as the worst possible behavior (e.g., cannibalism, infanticide).

Can you think of any more recent examples of U.S. “witch hunts”?

( The answer does not have to be super long as long it is answering the questions it is fine)