Case study Report in project management, team dynamics, research, communication, ethical analysis and report writing

Format: Individual Case Study Report must be 1.5 line spaced, 2.5 cm left-aligned margin,12- point font (Times New Roman or Arial) footer must have student number and page numbers.

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turn it in check will replace the need to include a Coversheet on your assignment. Note a cover sheet is different from a title page.

Length: 1700 words +/- 10%. You must use Harvard Referencing, in-text citations, and a list of References. The word count excludes the List of References and any Appendices.

Description: The aim of this report is to enable you to apply important concepts from the course to an example of business practice, and to practice your case analysis and report writing skills. The project will help you improve your skills in project management, team dynamics, research, communication, ethical analysis, and report writing.

Approach to the assignment: You will write a ‘case study report’ that analyses the assigned case study using appropriate concepts and theories from the course that is appropriate for the issue(s) identified in the case. You will need to plan, research, analyze, develop your writing, proofreading, and editing your report ready for submission.

Case Study details:

The case study and background conceptual readings will be available via the course Moodle Readings List (Loganto) under Assignment 2 readings.

The case to base your discussion on is:

Soltes E., 2019 Accenture’s Code of Business Ethics, Harvard Business Review, January 3.

Your report must analyze and make recommendations on the Accenture (Soltes 2019) case study. Apply your ethical cultural and decision-making knowledge to determine both the strengths and weaknesses of Accenture’s approach. Beyond this make recommendations of how you would improve both the process and outcome as discussed.

Reference requirements:

You must source and demonstrate the use of a minimum of three (3) additional academic articles in addition to the weekly extension readings and background conceptual readings for this assignment. Three academic articles must be sourced from the following list of journals:

Academy of Management Journal

Academy of Management Learning and Education Academy of Management Perspectives

Academy of Management Review Business Communication Quarterly Business Horizons

Cross-Cultural Management Employee Relations

Group & Organization Management Journal of Business Communication Journal of Management Education

Journal of Management Information Systems Organization Science

Organizational Dynamics

Marking Criteria:

  • Demonstrates knowledge, and understanding of context and case
  • Critically analyses the issues and themes in the case study using appropriate academic concepts, theories, and research
  • Proposes solution to the problem(s) based on sound evidence and concepts/theories
  • Structures text logically and coherently
  • Communicates clearly and concisely
  • Presents text professionally and references sources accurately

Please read carefully with all the details about this assignment, nice work will have big tips.