case study and answering questions 1

Type your answer to the case questions within Microsoft Word. Use Arial font, one inch margins double spacing and question headings separating out your answers. At minimum your submission for all case questions must be 7-10 pages typed. FIVE sources beyond the textbook must be used. Ensure you attach a references page and use APA referencing for any materials (paraphrased – put in your own words and for direct quotes). Ensure you treat me as if | know nothing about the topic of each question. Ensure you use examples to support your answers (using your APA sources). Attach a cover page to the front of your submission with your name, student number, my name and date due. No resubmissions will be allowed to fix referencing or a lack of references page.

Note: Ensure you check your referencing against the Blackboard safe assign report that will be generated after you upload your paper in Microsoft Word. Ensure you give yourself 48 hours before the due date to be able to generate the Blackboard safe assign report to check your referencing.

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Case Questions to Answer:

1, What factors have led to Janice Bowman’s current frustrations? (10 marks)

2. Why do you think Derek Sinclair is under-performing in his job? Can he be held accountable for his actions? (10 marks)

3. Should Bowman attempt to fix the invoicing concerns on her own? What about her concerns with Jayne Strong? Should Bowman attempt to fix the customer complaints on her own? (10)

4, As Bowman, develop a detailed plan of action for the short term and long term, addressing all of her concerns? (20 marks)