case study 5 1 5 2 sampling

The purpose of these case studies is to demonstrate your ability to develop both simple and stratified random sampling procedures in a realistic organizational scenario. You may refer to Chapter 5-R as needed, or to any other source. Assume that you are an entry level analytics professional and that your proposed procedures will be evaluated by the CEO of a small company. (CASE STUDY INSTRUCTIONS AND RUBRIC ATTACHED)

— To use the random formula and assign random numbers between 0 and 1 to the items in the Basic Data Set, use the formula: = RAND() in the corresponding excel cell.

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— Move the cursor (mouse) to the end of the cell to take the shape of a cross and drag it down to populate the formula across the column/rows corresponding to the values in Excel Sheet.

— After that, highlight the column and sort in some manner (remember it is random selection) either from the smallest or highest. Then proceed to select by an additional criteria after the sorting.

— During this take some screenshots to document the process you are describing. – The second exercise is similar to the first with an additional step. (Random formula attached)