Case Management: M3 Discussion: Communication Skills in an Intake Setting

M3 Discussion: Communication Skills in an Intake Setting

After completing the readings, please view video links regarding Case Management interviews.

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The videos demonstrate two different approaches with the same goal. While you are watching each video:

  • Make sure you take notes on what you would do the same and what would you do differently.
  • Be sure you record the time in the video of the area you would improve on so that you can present that area to your peers.

After you have finished watching the videos create an initial posting that addresses the communication:

  • Thinking from the construct that “Communication is a Process”, Evaluate the methods used by each Case Manager including:
    • What were the barriers to communication?
    • What text concepts did you see being used by the case managers in the video? What worked, what didn’t?
  • Create two responses that you would have preferred to start the therapeutic process that the Case Manager did not, incorporate:
    • Empathetic listening skills.
    • Open and Closed ended questions
  • Explore how your responses may have yielded more information or changed the tone of the interview?