CASE BRIEF (Lane v. Franks 134 SCt 2369), law homework help

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Case: Lane v. Franks 134 S.Ct. 2369

Components of a Case Brief

Procedural History-no facts

  •   Where was case filed, what was the cause of action/ statute

  •   What happened at the trial court level

  •   Who appealed

  •   What happened at the appeals court level

  •   Supreme Court granted cert.
    Statement of Facts-No court actions

  •   What did plaintiff do/ what was the time period involved

  •   What did defendant do

  •   What were the consequences of defendant’s actions on plaintiff

  •   Need the facts that the court relied upon to support its’ reasoning

  •   Clear and concise

    Issue(s)-Always questions, number if more than one
    Answer(s) to Issue(s) -Short summary of the courts’ holding

  •   Yes or No answer

  •   One sentence summary-will also appear in the reasoning section


  •   WHY the court decided the case the way it did

  •   Fully discuss the reasons why the court reached its decision

  •   Discuss the thought process by which it arrived at its decision

  •   Apply the court’s reasoning to the facts of the case

  •   Ensure that the reasoning is directly responsive to the issues

  •   Ensure the reasoning answers the WHY question



 Procedural action taken by the court i.e. reversed and remanded,
affirmed, etc.