Career Exploration Paper

Career: Accountant 

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Who? What type of person is attracted to this career? introvert/extrovert? A think? Someone who enjoy detail? Need to be flexible? What specific skill are needed?

What? What are some of the day-to-day responsibilities? Work alone or with others?

Where? What is the work environment? Supervisor? Geographical location/ cost of living? Outside work or desk job? Travel? If travel, how much?

When? Hours/traditional 9-5 job? Evening and/pr weekends? Is job “event” driven? Vacation time?

Why? What is the purpose of job? Do you think will find it satisfying? What is about this career that is appealing to you? What do you want to pursue this particular career?

How? What are the educational requirements? Internships offered? What is the job outlook for this profession? Does this career provide for advancement?

Length: approximately 400 to 500 words