capstone paper 5

I need an apa format paper 12 font times new roman double spaced 4-5 pages. This is a continuation to a paper i will attach the instructions. the first part of the paper will be provided once the question is assigned.

B. Application of My Code of Ethics

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This is the new part of this assignment. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are struggling to

compose your own ethical case study. Usually, students are able to identify an issue they have

experienced in a current or previous workplace. You are also free to create a hypothetical case

study. It’s your choice. Note well: it must be a true ethical dilemma. If you are not clear if it is an

ethical dilemma, please contact me for assistance.1. Choose a case study from your workplace or future profession that you think will be an interesting case to analyze and resolve.

2. Ethical Decision-Making Guide: Follow precisely the Ethical Decision-Making Guide below in arriving at what you think is the right ethical decision.

a. Facts: Identify the ethical issue and give the important facts in the case. Why is this an ethical issue and not simply a legal issue of policy issue?
b. Stakeholders: Identify the moral agent(s) and moral recipient(s) in the case and explain why these people are important stakeholders in the case. What consequences may affect each?

c. Ethical Theories: Which ethical theory or theories that we have studied this semester are helpful to you in arriving at an ethical decision in your case? Explain. If none of the ethical theories help you, explain why your own view is better.
d. Decision: Apply your Code of Ethics in this step to arrive at what you believe to be the right ethical decision and action in your case. For example, what roles do your core values, moral character and ethics in your life play in your decision?

The workplace ethical dilema i would like you to use is hospitals, A white person (patient) refusing to get treated with a black person (patient).