Can you write a film review paper for History over one of these topics ?

HIST 1301

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This is an exciting opportunity to be critical of a producer’s artistic interpretation of History. Use this film review opportunity to watch a film that truly interests you personally.

Paper Guideline: 1-2 pages, double spaced, 1” margins, Times New Roman. Please submit on eCampus in the “Film Review Drop Off.”

Ideas, questions to consider as you write your review:

How did this film enhance your understanding of the history? Did the producers do a good job? Why or why not? What scene hooked you in? Is it historically accurate? Do you think this film is a good teaching tool for teachers, why or why not? Draw conclusions, if there are any similarities to current events today. Draw conclusions for solutions to this historical issue addressed in your film.

Notice the costume design/fashion implemented, and the setting of the film, does it properly fit that era.

Some film suggestions:

The Crucible



A Man For All Seasons

12 Years a Slave

The Last of The Mohicans

Any Civil War Documentary – PBS or History Channel

How The West Was Won

Horse Soldiers

Cold Mountain

The Red Badge of Courage

Gone with the Wind

Pearl Harbor


Be sure to check Amazon & Netflix for other documentaries or historical miniseries or films