Can you Identify three childrens books on the same topic that promote a 3rd grade cross-curricular learning experience.

This is a third grade classroom setting!

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For this task, think broadly about the role that children’s literature plays in helping children understand how the literature they are exposed to can be applicable and pertinent in helping them understand various subjects (e.g., math, science, history, geography) in different ways. You will analyze how children’s texts promote cross-curricular understanding and appreciation in students. You will focus on how children’s literature can be used to foster conversations and connections and what practices or guidelines you can take into your own classroom.

A. Identify three children’s books on the same topic that promote a cross-curricular learning experience. Cite the children’s books according to APA style. Each book must:

• be from a different genre (e.g., poetry and verse, folklore, fantasy, science fiction, realistic fiction, historical fiction, biography/memoir, nonfiction)

• be appropriate for the elementary or middle-level (grades K–8) classroom

• not contain religious instruction

1. Identify the genre of each of the three children’s books identified in part A.

2. Explain two common literary characteristics found within each of the three identified genres from part A1. You will have a total of six characteristics: two for each genre.