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Essay 2: Argument/Exemplification

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Social Media and Activism


Write an essay that effectively argues your position on the prompt and

presents evidence from the texts as well as specific examples from your own

experience. Remember that this is an argument so you need to take a clear stand on

one side of the issue or the other rather than just present both sides.

Required Research/Readings:

“Small Change,”

“Activism Or Slacktivism? How

Social Media Hurts And Helps Student Activism,” “Hashtag Activism Isn’t a Cop

Out,” and “How Effective is Social Activism.” You may also use personal examples

from social justice campaigns you have seen or participated in.


4-5 pages


Social media can provide a powerful tool for organizations to spread

their messages and unite individuals toward a common purpose. A good example of

this is the success of the Kony2012 YouTube video: 100 million hits within one

week. Sharing, liking, and retweeting the link are said to be responsible for this

campaign going viral (Kanani 2012). Yet, many people argue that social media makes

people lazy and prevents true activism. Which one is it?


: For Essay 1, write an exemplification essay that answers the question:

Does social media help or hurt real social activism/social justice?

You will need to use examples (quotes) from the articles as well as your own

personal experience with social media and activism if you choose.

Remember, this is the argumentative exemplification essay, so your grade

depends mostly on how specific and strong your examples are and how

clearly you have stated your position/opinion.


You will need


an introduction with a hook, background information,

and a thesis that answers the question above.


Minimum of 3 body paragraphs with

clear topic sentences and at least 2 specific examples from the article and/or your

personal life. After each example, there should be at least 1-2 sentences of analysis

(explanation/connection back to the thesis in your own words).


a conclusion with a

restatement of the thesis and a final thought.


Properly introduced sources or in-text

citations as well as a Works Cited page that lists all sources used in correct MLA style