Can anyone help with this discussion?

To receive credit for this discussion, please post a 250-word-ish response to the following prompt before class on Monday, April 9th.

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For the next couple weeks we’re going to do an extended “In Practice” section on film/video. To begin on Monday, you’re going to be put into small groups and tasked with coming up with an idea for a movie to make, which we’ll screen Monday the 16th and Wednesday the 18th.

Before meeting your group, it might be helpful to draft up a potential idea, so in this post, I’d like you to describe a film you could conceivably make with our limited means. This movie could be narrative, documentary, or experimental, and might utilize traditional fiction and narrative structure, directly expository/argumentative address, or maybe even relational art elements. If, after describing your central idea, you still have words left, maybe think a bit about how you’d use the camera and editing to achieve your goals with the piece.

I’d like you to talk about a video related to traveling to different places around the world and interacting with different cultures and stuff like that