Business Practice

Assignment Steps

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Resources: Ch.
2 of Management: A Practical Introduction, sample management
theory table.

Select three
theories from the textbook.

Summarize the theory and viewpoint(s) in a table. Please use the sample management
theory table provided. The historical perspective (1911–1950s) includes three
viewpoints—classical, behavioral, and quantitative.
The three theories are Classical, behavioral, and quantitative.

Develop a
1,050-word report including the following:

  • Briefly discuss an overview
    of management.
  • Include the roles managers
  • Examine the development of
    management theories, including how these theories reflected the changing
    business environment.
  • Compare and contrast the
    three management theories you included in your management theory table.
  • Evaluate which of the three
    management theories works best for your work environment or an
    organization with which you are familiar.
  • Include in-text citations
    and at least one reference.

Format your
assignment consistent with APA guidelines.