Business Managment See questions below

. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of international trade.

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2. Identify and describe the three types of broad strategies to compete globally. Give examples of each strategy other than those in tex.

3. Identify the international strategy adopted by airbnb. What further steps/action/strategies could airbnb pursue to gain a strategic competitive advantage.

4. Assume you are in charge of developing the strategy for a multinational company selling products in some 50 countries around the world. One of the issues you face is whether to employ a multidomestic, a transnational, or a global strategy. (Be sure to summarize what each strategy option means and you may copy content from your work in the above question):

a. If your company’s product is mobile phones, do you think it would make better strategic sense to employ a multidomestic strategy, a transnational strategy, or a global strategy? Why?

b. If your company’s product is dry soup mixes and canned soups, would a multidomestic strategy seem to be more advisable than a transnational or global strategy? Why?

c. If your company’s product is large home appliances such as washing machines, ranges, ovens, and refrigerators, would it seem to make more sense to pursue a multidomestic strategy or a transnational strategy or a global strategy? Wh