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12 point, double space

Interesting, original, clear, concise, yet of adequate and substantial length to thoroughly cover the project Given the time spent on this project the MINIMUM OF ACTUAL TEXT you should be aiming for is 5 pages Includes relevant charts, graphs, appendices, etc.o Well formatted, easy to read, follow and understand, headers, sections, etc.In other words… If you were paying $50,000 for this as a consulting project for a customer, how would you want it to look, and what would you want it to contain?I would strongly suggest including elements of the basic marketing research report (table of contents, abstract/executive summary, introduction, background, results, discussion, implications, future actions, conclusion, etc.).Clearly articulates the path taken through this project including strategy, decisions, challenges, observations, interactions, decision making processes, successes, failures, etc. etc. etc. Advice to your successor in this project. What would you tell them in order to keep moving your work forward? Etc. etc. etc.MUST INCLUDE a well-developed, substantial, and clearly articulated section dedicated to specific “lessons learned” from this project.o From a marketing perspective, what did you learn, why was this valuable, how might you use it in the future, what relevance does it have to your life, how can you relate this activity to real world marketing events? what would you do differently the next time, what would you suggest for future participants in this activity, suggestions on how to improve this activity, etc. etc. etc.o This section will constitute the majority of your grade