Business Industry Analysis Updated

Each Section need updating : See attached paper with the Professors notes

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Industry Review Section:

1) Research industry averages for profitability in your marketplace. Use this information to determine the validity of your own projections and make changes if necessary. So what is the profitability average? I see gross totals but nothing in terms of what is considered a “good” margin or any ratio data.

Regulations and Legal Concerns Section:

1) Determine your location and business environment= HENRICO, Virginia in the United States , Address: 9101 Patterson Avenue, Henrico VA

Address all legal, zoning, and licensing concerns your business will face. What form of business will you set up? Why? The level of detail required for this section will depend on your type of location (virtual, retail, warehouse, office, restaurant, etc.) and on your idea. Demonstrate that you have completed your research. DON’T say “We will obtain all of the appropriate permits”; instead, summarize them. When you explain your form of business—remember your audience. For example, if you select an S corporation, explain your reasoning for that selection in the context of your potential business, rather than providing the definition of an S corporation. Address any pending regulations which may have an impact on your business. Where is this located? What permits or licenses are required? This needs significantly more details.

Competitive Analysis Section:

1) Describe the competitive landscape. Who are the key competitors? What are their strengths and weaknesses? Approximate their market shares. How will you take share from them? How will they most likely try to stop you if you are successful? Who are your indirect competitors? What do they offer your prospects? Who is your competition? What other consulting firms are competing with you and could offer the services you are providing?

SWOT Analysis Section: Automotive Consulting Firms SWOT Analysi

1) Identify your company’s major strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Describe how you plan to maximize your strengths and opportunities and minimize or mitigate your weaknesses and threats.