business ethics 137

  • Instructions

    The issue of business ethics is a growing concern within companies and for consumers. Using an academic online Library, research one of the following ethical questions:

    • Is it ethical to broadcast advertising intended for children?
    • Is it ethical to advertise for products like tobacco or legal marijuana?
    • Does it add any positive value to design advertisements with sexual appeal?
    • Is it ethical to advertise for unhealthy food and products?
    • Is it ethical to use shock or scare tactics within advertising?

    After selecting one of the questions above, write a two-page essay by addressing each of the following items:

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    1. Describe the ethical dilemma in detail.
    2. Explain both sides of the issue (for and against) with an eye on concerns and regulations.
    3. Discuss the role of government, parents, consumers, and companies.
    4. Formulate your opinion on this topic, and include your rationale.

    Your response should be a minimum of two, double-spaced pages. Include a title page and references page. At least two credible references should be included. All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations and must be cited per APA guidelines.