Business and Society case study

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The case follows:

Glen reviewed his notes on the events of the past week. Chuck was clearly a hero within TechAction and the community. Even though the high-tech retailer was growing by leaps and bounds, they had been plagued by robberies. Not just random robberies, these guys had figured out all the weak points in TechAction’s logistics. They would show up at just the right time, completely empty the store, and leave the employees duct-tape in a storage room.

Chuck, had begun as a stock boy 13 years earlier, and has now risen to regional manager. He personally opened 50 stores, including the 3,000th one, and his region is the most successful in the company. Everyone in his region knows Chuck is a major reason TecAction is now ready to go public next month. Growth is anticipated to become explosive then, and Chuck would surely benefit from a large raise.

Just this past Saturday Chuck was making a routine visit to a store to meet with the team there after closing. He pulled up in front of the store just in time to see men he didn’t know loading the last items from an empty store. “Not again!” he said. When the thieves spotted Chuck, they dropped the last of their take and sped away. Chuck pursued, and was able to stick right with them. In a few blocks they passed a police car on petrol, and Chuck signaled the officers to turn on their sirens and join the chase. They understood and did. Soon the chased car made a bad turn and flipped. No one was hurt, some merchandise was damaged, but most was returned safely. The driver, a 17-year-old boy, and others in the car were taken into custody.

Glen pursed his lips and shook his head. TechAction had a policy against pursuing thieves. They would rather lose merchandise than lives. And it turned out that the 17-year-old’s father was a prominent lawyer. Chuck knew the policy. He had just gotten over zealous for the company in which he had invested so much. This occurred in an EAW state.

What should Glen do? (500-600 words) 

and some personal opinions(or what you think) about this case (50-100 words)